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I'm Simone

Since I was 20 I have worked in a wide variety of areas.

11 years of these I was an entrepreneur in my own company, which I brought from a start-up to a medium-sized company. During this time I was able to get to know both the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. It wasn't always easy, but I am very grateful for all of these experiences.


And just as I could never imagine being self-employed in the past, I can no longer imagine being employed today. I want to bring all of my experience and my superpowers to my work. I want to be myself and use my full potential. I want to be the same person in my job and in my private life.

My vision is a society in which it is normal for the next generation to know and live their individual skills and strengths - at work and in private.

However, this now requires a new understanding of one's own self, a change in the old, mostly unconscious behavior and beliefs towards a conscious perception of one's own potentials.  

I am convinced that the entrepreneurs of the new generation are those who know that they can take their projects and plans to a new level if they see and support themselves and each team member with their individual skills. ​


Do we fit together?

I love working with people who, like me, enjoy change, who want to move something forward.

Open communication and trusting, partnership-based cooperation are particularly important to me. There is nothing better than pulling together, moving things forward with fun and sharing the enthusiasm and success when it is done.

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