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I'm Simone Wiechert.

Entrepreneur, knowledge broker, mother and rock in the surf.

Welcome to the world where conscious mindset and
business go together as a matter of course.



I'm an entrepreneur by conviction, difference maker, creative individualist, enthusiastic runner, backpacker in love with the world and a risotto loving mother who is excited about crazy ideas.


But most of all, I am convinced that each of us has a lot of traits and superpowers that make us unique.  

We're not just ONE thing. We are many characteristics that are unique to us in this combination and that are our secret sauce.

Why don't you bring all this into your business? What could you achieve if you used your potential to the full?


I would like to help you enrich your business with exactly this mixture. If you focus on your mindset and your superpowers, you can take your business to the next level.


It's time to GET A LIFE, NOT A JOB!

Let's find out ...

What's your
secret sauce?

Get to know your potential and integrate it into your business. Shift your mindset and stand out from the crowd!

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The Power Of You

Discover the basics for a conscious mindset in the

1-hour webinar.



Unleash Your Potential

Bist du bereit für eine neue Perspektive? Ändere deinen Fokus, deine Gewohnheiten und deine Glaubenssätze. 

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1:1 Mentoring

Wenn du möchtest, dass dich jemand auf dem Weg zu deinem neuen Ich begleitet...

In other words ...


Recently, I had the privilege to attend one of Simone's workshops on improving and changing your goals, determining your limiting beliefs and creating new ones and the steps to creating a new future. Her content was easy to follow and her examples made you remember the tasks you need to follow to accomplish these dreams. I took soooooo many notes. Very inspiring. I highly encourage anyone who needs to be uplifted, educated or moved into another direction to accomplish anything, to attend her workshop. YOU will not be disappointed. Everyone is still talking about it!

Thank you Simone for over delivering as usual!

Pamaela Sparacino, Northeast PA / USA

Let's get in touch ...

I look forward to hearing
from you

Wichterichstr. 59, 50937 Cologne

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